Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year

A New Year and a thousand new possibilities. 

My husband and I were up last night talking about the new year and what we would like to accomplish. Last year I sat down and made a similar list with a few goals that I would like to have completed. 

Guess how many I accomplished- 0. Yep, a big, fat goose egg.

I felt a little discouraged; then I started thumbing through my 2013 day planner. We had so many blessings, memories, and big events take place this year, it brought me to tears. Those missed goals seemed so small in comparison. This also proves what can happen in our lives when we let go of our plans and let The Lord take over. His goals for our lives far outweigh the goals we can set for ourselves. There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself. Just don't become so obsessed that you miss what The Lord has planned for you. I almost did on several occasions. 

So my goals this next year are simple: 
1. Live a healthier lifestyle 
2. Make as many memories as possible
3. Don't sweat the small stuff 

A few of the blessings of 2013:

Our first home <3

Fun on the campaign trail :-)

These kids are always a blessing to me!

Memories made with my family...

And memories made with David's family! 

I am one Blessed Lady. Blessed, blessed, blessed. 

Naomi ❤️