Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Stump Cake!

 So for the longest time now, I have wanted to make a stump cake. Well last month I had someone place an order for one for their wedding cake. I think I was more excited than they were about the cake. Here are a few pictures from the cake as I made it:

The cake was Yellow with Raspberry Filing. Yummy!!

This picture shows 5 but I actually made six layers to this cake. It was 10 inches wide.

Then I put a layer of buttercreme icing on it. 

The trunk part was made of rice krispy treats.  Then I iced those over. I wanted a rough type of look so I didn't smooth the frosting.

I covered the cake with fondant that was lightly colored brown (the color of the light rings on top). 
 It might be hard to tell in the picture below, but I took a knife and slashed lines all over the cake for the bark look. Then I used coloring/edible paint and painted on the dark brown color.
 I made some mushrooms, vines, flowers, and some grass to complete the cake. The end result:


I loved making this cake. It was so much fun. When I delivered the cake, there was a collective gasp as we walked through the door. Everyone was amazed. Yay!!


  1. How did you get the rings on top?

  2. I actually painted them on with edible paint :-)