Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mining with the Kiddos

David's mom took the boys to a mining store.  They got to mine for gemstones. It was pretty neat!
They found alot of different stones: Topaz, Ruby's, Smokey Mountain Topaz, Emeralds and more!

Micah found a huge piece of Smokey Mountain Topaz. I thought it would have been awesome to have all us Meeks and Marquez ladies to have a piece of the same stone. But it didn't work out. Kelly and I got a piece from the Smokey Mountain Topaz. Kelly got a ring and I got a necklace.
*Mine is pictured below*
I really love it!!!

Mom got a ring from the blue Topaz stone. It's really pretty. The stone is originally white, but when it is cut it turns blue. It's beautiful!


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