Monday, January 30, 2012

"She Had No Child"

David and I have been trying for some time to have a baby. We both love kids and if anyone was destined to be a father it's David. The kids all love Bro. David! We've been patiently waiting on the Lord, because we want it to happen in His time. Sometimes it gets so hard being patient, but I know that God's plans are far better than my own. It used to bother me when people used to ask me "So, when are you going to have kids". Now I just try to nicely tell them we've been trying but it hasn't been the Lord's will at this time. Then I ask them to join us in praying for a baby. 

 I know there are several more couples out there struggling with the same problems. So I thought I would share this devotional with you. It was written by Dr. Allen Domelle from the Old Paths Journal. This devotional deals with everyone and not just those trying to conceive. I hope its a blessing to you :-)

She Had No Child
Genesis 11:30
"But Sarai was barren; she had no child."
One of my relatives who had a great influence on my life was my uncle and aunt, L.J. and Bessie Parr. They are some of the greatest Christians you could ever meet. One of the blessings they had in life was they had no children. That's right, I called it a blessing! Though they wanted children, God blessed them with no children so that they could become a parent to many others. I never one time heard them complain about not having children. Though they wanted a child, they understood that it was not God's will for their lives. So, they took it as an opportunity to invest in the lives of other children, and in doing so, I became one of the beneficiaries of their influence. Just like Sarai had no children, they likewise had no children and used it as a ministry to help others.
Let me briefly address how to talk to those who have no children. Be careful about asking people who are childless when they are going to have children. First of all, this is not your business. Second, this can be very hurtful to some who have tried to have children and can't. Pray for them, and ask God to open their womb. Support them, but don't be judgmental of their situation for you don't know the whole story.
However, for those who have no children and would like to but for some reason God has not opened your womb, let me advise you to accept your situation as God's will for your life. Don't let your situation of not having any children cause you to become bitter. God cannot use you to your fullest potential in your current situation until you accept it as His will.
Second, take your situation as an opportunity to help other children. My uncle and aunt helped so many children, that in some sense they were able to help more children than if they had their own. Maybe the reason God has not blessed you with your own child is so that you can influence more children. Invest your life in children on a bus route. Get involved in ministries where you can help children. Treat other children as you would treat yours if God gave you a child of your own.
Third, do right! Don't become like Sarai who wanted a child so badly that she pushed her husband to commit adultery. Doing wrong to get a child is never right. Adultery is always wrong! Maybe God is testing your faith to see if you will do right even if He doesn't give you a child. Don't let your desire for a child be so great that it moves you to sin.
Fourth, pray, pray and pray! You may have prayed for a long time, but don't give up on God. Yes, you must accept your situation and not complain about it, but it does not mean that you can't continue to ask God for a child. Unless God has plainly told you not to ask for a child anymore, then continue to pray that He will give you one.
Fifth, ask your pastor to anoint you with oil. James 5:14 applies to your situation. Maybe God is wanting to see if you will humble yourself enough to ask your pastor to pray for you. I have seen God give many people a child because they went to their pastor and asked him to anoint them with oil and pray for them.
Last, consider adopting a child. We preach against abortion, but we don't adopt. Though I believe you need to be careful, young girls who get pregnant out of wedlock need to know there is someone who will adopt and love that child. Maybe the reason God gave you no children is so that you can adopt one.
Use your situation of having no children of your own as a ministry to help their children. Remember, God does everything on purpose. So take your situation to bless others, and maybe God will bless you with your own child.
Hope this was a blessing!
Thanks for reading :-)

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  1. Love you both! You are both going to make wonderful parents one day! We will be praying for you!